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We have a range of leasing solutions to help you get your business to the next level.

Benefits of our leasing solutions

Controlling Cashflow

Spreading the cost creates instant cashflow benefits. Keep cash in your bank when you need it most for core business activities.

Measurable Return on Investment

As the equipment is paid for at regular intervals, you can easily demonstrate return on investment from Day 1 to your stakeholders and directors.

All Costs Covered

Most Lease Rental plans will enable you to cover all elements of your purchase. You can now include software, cabling, training, installation and maintenance in addition to the capital cost.

Easy Upgrades

You can build in future equipment upgrades and improvements without increasing your payments. This helps you combat the problems associated with “trade-ins” and rapidly changing residual values.

Simple Documentation & Quick Decisions

The paperwork has been designed to be as effortless as possible for you with rapid credit decisions.

Stay ahead with the latest Equipment

Get all the benefits of the latest specification equipment NOW, when you can use it most. A quick fix with the cheapest equipment is rarely the best rationale.

100% Tax Efficient

All Lease Rental payments are 100% tax allowable against profits, which means you can make your profits work harder for you.

Fixed Payments

All Lease Rental agreements are on a fixed interest basis. The amount you pay will remain the same, even if bank base rates increase! The sheer fact of inflation means that the true cost of leasing reduces over the period.

Alternative Funding Source

When you use leasing to purchase business equipment, you protect other lines of credit such as loans or overdraft facilities, and conserve available capital.

Seasonal Payments

Lease Rental agreements can be tailored to your specific needs. If your business is seasonal in nature, where you have particularly quiet times of year, you could structure an agreement that allows you to take “seasonal repayment holidays” that match your income profile.

Deferred payments

No need to wait for “next year’s budget” to benefit from the equipment you need now. Get what you need now, and defer payments for up to 6 months until the new budgets are allocated. Particularly useful in public, education and healthcare sector procurement.

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